Simple photography backdrop

Our garden is a great location for photography portraits, but, having just arrived at Autumn, it's a little dry and not looking it's best. Being a natural light photographer, I wanted to head outside but I was also wanting something a little different for a portrait session with my littlest sweetie pie and her fluffy friend.

I grabbed my favourite bed sheet, pegged it on the clothes line and we were in business! If it's a breezy day you will have the challenge of the sheet moving (which you can see in the right corner here) in which case you could possibly weight it down with something at the bottom. I kind of like the feeling that the blowing sheet gives to this photo though.

Next, your editing program can be used to achieve a variety of looks still using the same backdrop and different poses.

A plain sheet would also work well if you were looking for a plain backdrop with natural light, but I think the pretty floral one suits my little sweetie just fine, don't you?


Nanna Chel said...

Kelly, I just love the photos you are taking. I just might be getting my brother's camera next week if he remembers to bring it with him when he visits. Then I can start the online course I have booked into....months ago :-) I hope my photos turn out as well as yours.

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you for your encouragement! I hope you do get that camera soon and can start to practice :)

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