The Red Riding Hood project

I've had this project in mind for a while now. I got the cape made (if you want to make your own, I found the instructions here very helpful. For free hand drawing the hood, I used one of my daughter's hoodies and roughly traced the outline. Make it big!) got the rest of the costume together, then just had to wait for a suitable day to travel to the location.

The weather conditions weren't the best but I managed to get a lot of shots I could use.

My little model was a trooper but did wear out fairly quickly (actually she just wanted to play and explore the forest, fair enough I guess!)

At least one of these photos will be used in the final 6 that I need for a portfolio building assignment. 

I feel that I've found my photography niche, now I just need to keep building my skills and hopefully getting some exposure (pun not intended!)

In case you're wondering what my next creative photography project might be, don't worry, I've been planning it for weeks and will start on the costume very soon :)


Sue Elvis said...

Beautiful photos, Kelly! I especially like the last one. The trees look never-ending in the background. Of course, your little model looks absolutely stunning!

Gae said...

Dear Kelly,
I bought fabric to make one like this last year but it wasn't enough. How much fabric did you use please. MY daughter keeps asking for hers to be made :)

Kelly Casanova said...

Hi Gae,
I bought 2 metres but didn't use it all. I made the hood from the 2 metres as well and still had quite a bit left over. I used gabardine, which has a really nice drape. (I got it half price with a spotlight voucher).
Make sure the fabric is wide e.g. 150cm because you fold it in half, then cut the 3/4 circle to get the beautiful flow and twirl factor :)

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you for your kind comment Sue :)

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