Twisted Ink on Society 6

I thought I'd share a few of my husband's work currently available at Society 6. The designs look awesome and they often have free shipping to Australia (like right now!)

Tote bag


Framed print

Throw pillow

iPhone case

These are just a few of the designs and products available on the Twisted Ink Society 6 page, why not pop over and have a look, you might find something you love :)


Sue Elvis said...


Your husband's art is so appealing and interesting. I like the way his designs have been used in such practical ways. I shall have to remember to visit his shop next time I need a gift for a friend. There's only one problem as far as I can see: How will I ever decide on a design? There are all great!

Kelly Casanova said...

Thanks Sue :)

Kelly's hand woven, perfectly hemmed technique.

I won't tell you how long these towels have been sitting on my creative table waiting to be hemmed. What is it with final techniqu...