Breaking knitting rules.

I have a golden knitting rule. At least, I did. Now I've broken it. The rule was only one knitting project at a time. Then the cooler weather happened and I started to think how I needed to get a move on with my little one's cardigan considering her old one is too small now.
Project number 1: Annie (pattern by Tikki) cardigan in my "Pink Princess" colourway. 

Then the news of a new niece or nephew mid year came. I immediately thought of the beautiful (and free) pattern by Julia Stanfield, and how I had been longing to have an excuse to knit it. I'm dyeing most of the yarns for this one too.
                                         Project number 2: Western Hills Baby blanket. 

When we went on holidays in early March I was itching to take a relaxing knitting project with me, and I did have that beautiful wool I dyed with madder just sitting there and a crafty friend suggested a scarf, that also happens to be by Julia Stanfield (did I mention that her patterns are fantastic?!)
Project number 3: Fernleaf Scarf

So these will keep me very busy knitting over the next few weeks (months?!) but i have been thinking how much I'd like to knit a cardigan just for me, at least, it wouldn't hurt to pop over to Ravelry and browse some more patterns.....


sharine said...

They are all beautiful projects. No wonder you broke your rule lol:)

Sue Elvis said...


I understand why you were tempted to break your rule! I wonder which project will be the first to be finished.

Australian Mums Favourites said...

I can never just have ONE project happening. I am always looking for something more exciting to knit hahaha

I wouldn't mind trying that scarf you are knitting but Kitchener is new to me and puts me off hehehhee

You remind me that I need to update my own blog desperately ! it's been a long time o_0

Kelly Casanova said...

Ama, I was wondering what was happening with your blog :)
Don't be put off by kitchener stitch - I haven't actually reached that part yet but I'm not worried.

Evelyn Hender said...

I seem to be frequently breaking that rule at the moment. I used to just have two projects, one complicated and one simple. Then I added a crochet project. And now I'm barely resisting casting on all the things I've ever wanted to knit right now >.<

Your projects look lovely, looking forward to seeing how they develop

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