Alpaca scarf off the loom

This scarf was partly experimental and I found after starting to warp that my mental calculations were not sufficient - I ended up using twice the amount of yarn for the warp than I thought. But that's ok, these things happen :)

I wove with 4 colours - logwood brown, purple and pink/green using alpaca 8ply.

The scarf turned out very long and wide, almost shawl proportions. Perfect for Winter (not so perfect for modelling on a hot Autumn day!)

This is how the warp looked on the loom.

I'm going to make this my next charity auction item, starting on Friday at 2pm. The auction will be on my Facebook page with all proceeds going to Mary's Meals.

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Sugar Pie said...

Kelly, it's gorgeous !!!
Good luck with the auction, I hope I can get to it on friday ( I'm not a big fan of facebook)& have some goings on in the house at the moment but if not at the hospital I hope to be at the auction, hope it goes well for you :)

Sue Elvis said...

Wow! The scarf is beautiful. You are very clever!

Kathryn Ray said...


WonderWhyGal said...

Lovely colors and a great size! I like the larger shawl size scarves.

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