Always making

It's true, I'm always making something and more often than not I'm making many things! Here are a few of my recent and current projects:

I'm quite in love with this Primrose already, lots of knitting to go but I'm enjoying every stitch. I dyed the yarn especially for this dress and it looks better than I envisioned. It's going to be for my littlest woolly lover, she is a most grateful recipient of anything knitted.

Always dyeing yarn....sales have dropped off a little but it's only natural considering it's Summer here. Anyway, my Etsy shop is stocked with plenty of yarn at the moment.

I have tea towels on the loom and things are going pretty slowly. I'm hemstitching them on the loom which always adds a bit of time and I'm also using 4ply cotton, so the weaving is not quick. These are my first tea towels so I hope they are a success after this time investment!

I dyed and made a top for me - it didn't suit me at all so I cut the main part down to make a top for my eldest girl along with some Euro fabrics from my stash and one of my favourite top patterns for my girls - CZM Mareen. This girl just won't stop growing!

As usual I have about 1000 ideas for things I "must do" but don't have the time or money for, but they keep me ticking and I'm grateful to the time that I currently have to be creative. I have a couple of exciting happenings cooking up in my mind for this month, so stay tuned for those!

God bless you all :)


sharine said...

You so much talent! The purple looks so beautiful:)

Erin said...

I hadn't realised YOU were Kelly C!! What a small world, years back we met your b-i-l Fr C. and I believe you 'know' my friend Gae Onions. Wow can't believe I hadn't realised this before.

The Handmaden said...

Yes! Hi Erin, it is a small world indeed :)

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