Positive change

Rather than New Year's resolutions, which are always all the rage at this time of year, I prefer to think about positive changes I can make for the coming year. This time last year I wrote about how God was helping me to see clearly and that my focus for the year was to "listen and obey". This has helped me immensely during the year to be calmer and more grateful.

I started wondering a couple of weeks ago whether God was going to give me another nudge to step things up or move in new directions. I waited, nothing. I prayed, still nothing. Then He hit me with it.
"Give more". Good, I can do that, I love to give and I can always give more!
Then He helped me to hatch a plan.

Some time ago my Mum in Law told me about an organisation called Mary's Meals. In a simple form, they distribute meals to disadvantaged and impoverished children at school. This works so well because the children come for the food and stay for the education, no child can learn effectively on a painfully empty stomach. It is a simple plan, but life changing.

If you follow the link there is a video to watch and lots more information about the organisation.

I'm hoping I can use my skills and talents to make regular donations.

My (loose) plan at the moment is to hold a monthly auction for some of my handmade goods. I'll try to make something special and probably hold the auctions on my Facebook page where people can bid in real time. I'm not always great at following through with ideas, but with God's help I hope it will be a huge success.

I'll let you all know when the first auction will be held :)

Now, onto another matter. I want to thank you all for your support this year. I have been so overjoyed with the interest shown towards my work and this Christmas period has been my busiest in the 5 years I've been a handmade artisan. It brings me so much joy to know the things I make are loved and valued.

Thank you! I wish you all so much grace for a truly blessed year!


Corrie said...

what a great idea, I'm going to follow the link. It feels so good when you give and choosing a charity this year to devote myself too because I get asked to support so many really helped me focus.
I hope to be more efficient and have less time on the computer and more time just in the moment in 2014 and to pray more, go to mass on weekdays and just be more grateful for everything rather than always wanting more too. Much nicer goals than to lose weight, exercise more etc which usually top my list.
have a happy and holy new year, I enjoy seeing what you are up to and seeing someone with the same catholic values on facebook each day:) :)

The Handmaden said...

Thank you for such a beautiful message Corrie! Oh, daily Mass would be amazing! Our nearest church is only 5 minutes down the road in the car, yet weekday Mass is a rarity for us. Organising the kids at an early hour and then coming home to a full day of work is hard, but of course with God's help anything is achievable :)

Australian Mums Favourites said...
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Sue Elvis said...


I love your idea of using your talents to help others.

"It brings me so much joy to know the things I make are loved and valued." And you bring so much joy to the people who receive your hand=made items. I haven't forgotten the thrill of receiving your wonderful giveaway gift Your work is truly beautiful.

I hope 2014 is a very successful year for you in all ways. May God bless your work.

Gae said...

Dear Kelly,
Lovely idea and hoping that it all goes well for you.
Blessings for the new year

baukje said...

Good idea . Wish you a peaceful and blesses new year.

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