No stress this Christmas.

As we have been going about our regular errands and appointments I've noticed a change in my relatively busy outer city suburb. This change happens about this time every year. It starts with rushing, pained expressions, the inability to obtain a car park and by this time next week will have worked itself into a frenzy. Yes, it's Christmas.

The junk mail piles up almost daily in my letterbox, the traffic is terrible and people are stressed. People are pre-occupied with who is coming, how many to feed, what gifts to buy on credit to increase their debt just that little bit more.

That is how "the world" celebrates Christmas. But we do not need to be part of that, and that is not part of us. We celebrate Christmas because we love Jesus, and this is his birthday. It is also a time for relaxing, enjoying family and a few treats. What is so stressful about that?!

This year my husband is working right through the Christmas period so we have decided to keep things as simple as possible. Latin Mass on Christmas Eve, a few presents for the children on Christmas morning before husband leaves for work, plenty of fresh fruit, a few special food treats, our traditional fruit punch and a pudding of some sort. When husband returns home we can have our usual Christmas concert (sharing of poems, songs, plays and talents) and just enjoy being together.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious about Christmas I ask you to dig deep and ask yourself why. Because the most important thing about this Christmas is that your words and actions bring glory to He who is the reason for the day itself - Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

"Adoration of the Shepherds" by Gerard van Honthorst, 1622


Sue Elvis said...


I love the sound of your Christmas concert. I'm sorry to hear your husband has to work over Christmas. It sounds like you are working around that though. Yes, simple is all that's needed!

Nell said...

You are so right Kel; unfortunately in my desire to create Christmas traditions I have become a slave to handmade Christmas cards with the obligatory photo of the kids, Christmas baking (including the dreaded Gingerbread house which always results in chaos)and decorating the float for our kindy for the local pageant. All fun stuff but ends in a tired,stressed out Mummy. Thinking that next year might be the time to let some of the traditions slip.

The Handmaden said...

Nell, sometimes we get so caught up with the idea of being a great Mum that we forget what really makes a great Mum - our kids want us relaxed, happy and available :)

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