It's been a funny week...

And I don't mean "good" funny, I mean mixed up, exhausting "what day is it?" funny. We've all had the flu, all 6 of us and it hasn't been nice. Things are gradually getting back to normality as we regain our lost energy. So, I've really been in survival mode and unable to do much more than the basics. Something has amused me this week though.

A strange sort of friendship, or perhaps it's more of a business agreement has been struck between our cat and Mary's silkie hens. Yesterday, kitty was seen availing himself of the silkie's little nest in the fresh straw pile - right alongside one of the silkies who was sitting there at the time.

Then this morning, there he was again to witness the littlest silkie laying her very first egg!

                                    What cuteness! God certainly has a great sense of humour.

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Sue Elvis said...


I hope you're all feeling better!

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