Beneficial beetroot

Easy to grow, highly nutritious and absolutely delicious - you haven't really lived until you've eaten a freshly harvested, home grown beetroot!

Beetroot are high in folic acid, fibre, manganese and potassium. That's just the root, the leaves are also edible (I think it would be a waste not to eat them!). The leaves are high in calcium, vitamins A and C and iron. They are also delicious! There are many other reported health benefits from beetroot consumption too.

Beetroot are easy to grow and take up little space in the garden as the leaves grow quite upright. They require minimal care and don't seem vulnerable to many garden pests, so it is simple to grow them organically as we do.  

You can even dye yarn with beetroot - not something I've tried, but if you were lucky enough to have a bumper crop....

How to eat them?
Roasted, steamed, boiled, raw (grated into salad etc), juiced!
I have a tray roasting right now in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper, so easy.
The leaves can be used like silverbeet or spinach. My favourite way to eat them is either tossed and chopped into a stirfry or steamed lightly and served with extra virgin olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar and salt and pepper.

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Sue Elvis said...


I love beetroot. I've grown my own before and enjoyed it. I didn't know the leaves are edible. I shall remember that!

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