It's all about yarn :)

Yes, even my beloved embroidery has fallen to the wayside for a little while as my love of yarn and knitting continues. Dyeing my own yarn is also really rewarding, as whatever craft I'm doing I always like to have as much involvement in the process from start to finish as possible. OK, so I don't have my own sheep and spinning wheel yet, but who knows what could happen? :)

I've just finished this cute Olearia (pattern by Tikki). I intended to have long sleeves but became scared that I was running out of yarn, so short sleeves it is.

I dyed this 8ply merino with really strong colours in fuschia and raspberry, using a variation of the hand painting technique to get the variegated colours. The glass buttons which are impossible to photograph accurately were gifted to me some time ago are beautiful and I've kept them for a special project.

I've already cast on my next cardigan using more of my hand painted yarn (I love the way this turned out!) I'm hoping to start selling more of my hand dyed yarn to fund further exploration, there are just so many beautiful fibres and I need to get my hands on them!
If you're interested in any of my hand dyed yarn please do contact me :)


Vicky said...

I love the short sleeves, Kelly - they're perfect for this time of year. It's so inspiring to see all the beautiful clothes you make for your children. I'm starting to feel quite motivated to pick my knitting up, again!

God bless:-)

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree the short sleeves are so cute and you could even wear a long sleeved t-shirt underneath it.

Beautiful colours as well.

Gill in Canada

Nell said...

Kel you so need to learn to spin. The joy that comes from knitting your own handspun is awesome (and homespun is so much squishier and nicer than commercial yarn!)

The Handmaden said...

One day Nell, one day.....

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