Craft from the past

I often forget to show finished projects these days or otherwise I just don't get the time. This knitting roll was for a Crafty Mamas Christmas swap.

I followed a tutorial from here.

The red and white print is a screen printed piece from Blueberry Ash Textiles. The cute little blue and green trees I picked up from a craft show some time ago.

A nice way to keep your needles tidy I think (hmmm, I could do with one of these myself!)

My swap recipient is a keen knitter, so in keeping with the knitting them I made her a knitters brooch.

The little swatch was knitted on bamboo toothpicks (looks really cute, gives you really sore fingers and hands!) Then I glued some beads onto the ends of the sticks, rolled a little yarn around them and glued it all to a beautiful wooden brooch I got from here and filled with some hand dyed wool felt.

Another project completed last year that I never did show. The skirt was actually a UFO from my beginner sewing days which was made from pale pink polar fleece. I thought it was rather boring on it's own, so I sewed some ric rac and buttons with embroidery onto some lovely hand dyed wool felt. I cut it into a pocket shape and sewed it onto the skirt, easy peasy.

But that wasn't enough either. So I made this little guy from wool felt in a custom size to fit the pocket. 

Hello, aren't I cute?

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baukje said...

Such lovely things you made. that brooch is absolutely beaeutiful!!!

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