Log cabin cot quilt

I can show you this now it has been gifted to my newest nephew whom I had the privilege of meeting today.

I started out using a log cabin pattern from Lincraft, but as I often find it difficult to follow instructions I ended up going my own way, as usual.

Many thanks to Hilary for helping me to pick out a design and colours, and to Robyn for suggesting some applique which really helped to fill in the white space.

He is beautiful! Babies are such a precious blessing, I do so love them :)


baukje said...

They all look so happy with their new baby. I finished the apron yestarday!!!! I'll make a blogpost about it and a link to your pattern on next sunday. because that's her birthday and her mother visit my blog and it must be a surprise.

The Handmaden said...

Actually Baukje, that is me holding my nephew with 2 of my girls :)

Can't wait to see your apron!

baukje said...

What beautiful woman you are and so young!!!!!!!!!!!

quilary said...

The quilt turned out so beautifully - you are really clever with colours! I like the pattern you devised much better than a straight log cabin...I hope you have given yourself lots of pats on the back for a great finish.

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