Kefir, berry and yoghurt smoothie

My children are addicted to these smoothies and it's all my fault!

I must admit that I'm delighted they love them so much and it's a great way to disguise the taste of kefir, which none of them like.

I don't have an exact recipe, it's mostly dictated by what I have at the time. 
But here is an overview of ingredients for a full batch for 5-6 people:

2 bananas
1/2 cup yoghurt (I usually use my natural homemade but any yoghurt is fine)
As much kefir as I have available, usually 1/2 - 1 cup
1 tablespoon honey
handful of berries or other fruit that I have
Fill up the rest with milk

Process the fruit, honey and yoghurt first. Then tip everything else in and process till smooth.

You can add all sorts of other ingredients. For a breakfast smoothie, add 1 - 2 vita brits. LSA mix. Crushed ice. A little fruit juice. With yoghurt. Without yoghurt. With kefir. Without kefir. Get the picture? So easy and adaptable.

As my children grow older I'm finding it more challenging to satisfy their appetites and smoothies are a great way to either boost a lighter meal or as an inbetween meal snack.

Would you like to know more about milk kefir? Google will give you a lot of results to sift through, but I'm happy to share my knowledge and experience thus far if anyone is interested - just let me know :)

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baukje said...

It looks very good but I only remember that I once saw the kefir in a jar at a friends house. Honestly it looked horrible, but in th organic shop where I use to buy when I am in town a saw a product to make kefir. So I am bit curiuoss!!!! I am working on the apron blogpost!!!!

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