Smaller sized apron

The lovely Baukje likes my apron tute but wants to make a small apron for a grandchild turning 2 soon. So, here are the measurements you will need to make a smaller apron.

Size 2

Bodice - 8"x 5" - Cut 1 main fabric, 1 lining
Band - 21" x 2" - Cut 1 from contrast fabric
Skirt - 35" x 11" - Cut 1 main fabric
Bottom hem - 35" x 2.5" - Cut 1 from contrast
Back ties - 20" x 3" Cut 2 from contrast
Neck ties - 20" x 2.5" - Cut 2 from contrast

Best of luck with it Baukje :)

Oh, and a huge welcome to my newest followers, it's so very lovely to know I'm not just talking to myself here!


baukje said...

You are such a sweetie!!!!! Thanks a lot and i already have some fabric in mind . Last year I bought in Italy when i was there for Sue Spargo's embroidery week I bought two vintage aprons at the saturday market. When I bought them I immediately saw an apron for KALLE. Thanks a lot

baukje said...

I will start this week with the apron, her birthday is the 27th of january!!!!

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