Cathedral windows pin cushions

Odd fact : I've never owned a pin cushion. I've been sewing and embroidering for years sans one of these cute but practical sewing essentials. I'm glad I decided to remedy that!

Finding this great tute gave me instant ideas on how to use some of the Blueberry Ash fabric I won recently.

And to test out how our screen printed fabric looks in action (see the purple print?)
Pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

The backs are almost as cute as the fronts! Don't you love the red and white print (Blueberry Ash screen print).

Now I'm left to ponder several thoughts.
1. Why did I never make a pincushion before?
2. How did I miss the wondrous possibilities of cathedral windows?
3. Who will I give the extra pincushion to? (Actually, I already have someone in mind - someone will be getting some mailbox candy very soon ;)
4. Which one can I bear to part with?.....


quilary said...

They look lovely Kel...and your screen print looks really good in there. You have a pretty cute button collection by the look of things too!

baukje said...

LOvely I will look at the tutorial

Antique Rose Designs said...

So cute and I love the buttons. Your screen print fabric looks great. Hope it's coming to live at my house. I gave mine away to Julia's friend. I might have to make more. Take care Carol

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