New redwork pattern

A happy collaboration between my artist husband and myself.

It's lovely to combine talents!

My talented husband creates all his artwork from hand drawing from start to finish, no computer editing. His work is really awesome, but don't worry, you will be seeing more of it in the very near future when I reveal what we've been hatching all these months :)

This pattern, along with all my other embroidery patterns is available to purchase as a PDF in my Etsy shop now. Hope you like it!


baukje said...

Beautiful. Good teamwork..... My Thom writes bookcomments and I am always the first to read and critizise his articles. he often gives me advice about choosing colors. I am so happy to work/live together in this way.

sallyb said...

Gorgeous! I love a bit of geometric design :)

quilary said...

Wow you two are very clever!

Carrie Duvall said...

What a great team you are...and this is just lovely. It would work so well in my home. I just love red.

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