A little crewel

I've had my crewel wools out again, it just feels right when the cooler weather comes on to work with wool. I drew up a design for a needle book and this is how it looks thus far.

Stitched on linen/cotton blend with Appleton crewel wools. Stitches include satin, long and short, chain, french knots, stem, split backstitch and probably some others that fail to spring to memory.

It's sitting unfinished as I can't decide whether the inside should have more embroidery or just a pretty fabric or both.

I'll be doing a lot more crewel over the coming months, it is really so lovely and versatile.

Hope you're having a great weekend, God bless.


baukje said...

It's so lovely, the flowercolors are great. Did you see that I have a giveaway on my blog?

Lona said...

What lovely work!

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