It was all going so well, but after many hours of knitting (long after this photo was taken) it became apparent that I had stuffed up.
Allow me to explain. With my limited knitting capabilities (hey, my dishcloths look great!) I decided to set myself a challenge in the form of the Oriental Lily pattern by Tikki. No, I'd never knitted with increases, used circular needles or even stitch markers, but so many people are good at this knitting thing, how hard can it be?
Lets just say I'm humbled and am now familiar with the knitter's term "frogging" and no, it doesn't involve any lovely little amphibians but does involve a fair bit of heartache.
Back to the drawing board and thank God for youtube tutorials!


baukje said...

It's apity that I don't live near by, I could help you...
The colors look great!

Nell said...

I feel your pain! I was frogging on my Shalom late last night LOL.
I have that pattern too - yet another thing we have in common!!! Happy knitting!

Linda said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry that you have to frogg your knitting, thinking of you.

Tas said...

You will get there, Kel. You are too crafty not to.

While I am here, might I say what a fabulous dye job.


The Handmaden said...

Thank you all!
It appears to be going better now that I've started again with bamboo needles instead of metal (what a difference!) It "feels right" this time so fingers crossed :)

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