Silk ribbon completed piece and a WIP

I completed this kit from Helen Dafter some time ago but didn't know what to do with it. After recently being gifted with this gorgeous box frame by a lovely elderly acquaintance I knew it was perfect (and it just happens to fit perfectly!)

Now, if I was a wealthy woman I wouldn't hold back - silk ribbon would be my embroidery of choice. I just find it so captivating. Unfortunately, it is not the most affordable hobby so I don't indulge very often.

See the little spider making it's way to the web?

This is my WIP - a redwork on linen designed by my husband and me and will be made into a cushion. I may release a pattern of this one too, I'll keep you posted on that :)

Hope you're having a great day, see you soon!


Linda said...


Elizabeth Braun said...

That is a lovely piece, well done!

I think Mary C manages to write and blog as much as she does because she loves embroidery with quite a passion. I doubt she has any other serious hobbies, so is happy to devote as much time as she does to stitch crafts.

I agree about lots of photos etc and that's what I've been doing since the survey - photo explosion!! Just about to post some more.=)

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