So much to love

Some random things that are making me happy at the moment (isn't Spring wonderful?!)

Abundant roses.

In so many beautiful shades of colour.

Some new tops for me, and about time too! I brought out the trusty Ottobre 303 pattern again. This one is a round neck.

And my first attempt at a v neck which turned out so well I'll definitely be doing it again.

Life has been such a flurry of sewing, needlework, exercise (yay!), homeschooling, worship, love and art that I rarely seem to be able to share much of it here anymore. I'm enjoying life so much more right now than I have for some time, I'll have to share more about that with you soon.

Until then, thanks for reading....


Karen said...

Great tops - I keep seeing people making shirts from Otto 303 - I think I might need that one!
Lovely roses - I bet they are lovely scented ones too.

Gill - That British Woman said...

love the tops and great colours for you. Those roses do look lovely.

Enjoy your spring, we are heading towards winter.

Gill in Canada

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