Beary cute!

I'd love to spend more time making bears, it's really so enjoyable and the results so rewarding. Mohair is an excellent medium, even if it does cost a fortune!

I hand sewed this bear for one of my girls who is turning 6 next week. I used the "Camellia" pattern by Karen Alderson which I bought from Gerry's. The pattern and instructions were great and I actually really enjoyed hand sewing the bear as opposed to machine. I made and designed the clothes.

She is 22cm tall and I suspect will be very well loved!


Therese said...

Oh Kelly, she is gorgeous. I have made one teddy before for Christophers 2nd birthday. I am thinking of trying another one for Joseph.

Vic said...

I am super impressed by your beary cute bear Kel!

I am dying to give Suspence his little dolly... only another month & a bit lol.

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