Winds of change

This week I have done things differently - you may have noticed my absence here and it has been deliberate. Time away from blogging, facebook, twitter and all things online has allowed me some breathing space this week. Not only that - but I have committed myself to taking the children out every day while the weather is fine. What an improvement this has made! Yes, I'm totally exhausted but in a good way. Now to share some of our week with you:

Lemon and poppy seed drizzle cake, recipe here

I love how my 5 year old has such a strong mothering instinct, she attracts little ones wherever she goes.
I love how my children are growing and changing and feel so blessed to be a part of it.

Op shop finds + daytura flowers = happiness!

Enjoying local sights.

Jar makeovers with paper, mod podge, colour papers and ribbon.

I printed out an old picture I like, soaked in tea and dried. Then coloured lightly with watercolour pencil and sealed with mod podge. Attached and layered with mod podge also. Tied a velvet ribbon around and placed some dried poppy heads in. Easy!

I've re - committed to my desire to live fully on baked bread. I'm going pretty well with no bought bread for about 2 weeks. I bake it every second day.

Slow and steady wins the race. I hope I've finished stippling this quilt by M's 4th birthday next month!

Rock cakes are a constant favourite here. I'll try to post the recipe on my other blog sometime soon.

If I haven't visited your blog lately I do apologise - I don't want to become one of these bloggers who expect comments but don't give any. Perhaps you'll decide to remain silent today in protest!

Hope your week has been as productive as mine. God bless!


Linda said...

What a lovely week:)

Tas said...

As hard at the first step away from the computer can be, it is such a rewarding time! You look like you are filling the electronic void perfectly.

ladychiara said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely week! You are making wonderful memories for your children and they grow oh so quickly!

Mareeyah said...

Wow, you're baking your bread for two weeks? I haven't tried, but I imagine it tiring, isn't it? But it's great to know what you're eating, rather than just buy food that might have anything in it. I should try that someday.

Erin said...

Sounds like a lovely peaceful week:)

quilary said...

You've done well to keep away. I know I sometimes feel like I am somehow missing out when I don't get to read my favourite blogs or that they will think I have "forgotten" them. In the end though, what we do has to come first. Looks like you have had a great week.

baukje said...

I did not visit blogs ; like you, these last weeks. I was away for a week vacation in Italy and being back home I had to do a lot of jam making. So I am not back in my daily routine now...... THis morning I am visiting my blogfriends!

Forest-Dweller said...

OH...amazing two weeks baking bread. I haven't baked bread in awhile.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

love how that label turned out- such a great idea.

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