Saint Gemma Galgani

Today is the feast day of Saint Gemma Galgani. As one of our girls is named after her we had a little tea party to celebrate.

Not suprisingly, her favourite colour is pink! In addition to the pink cupcakes we had strawberry milkshakes.

I made little sugar frosted flowers out of fresh geraniums and discovered that a geranium in the bud stage looks marvellously like a miniature rose bud!

Hope you're having a great day whatever you're doing. God bless.


Lacey said...

now that's a nice treat!

Kerri said...

Those cupcakes are so pretty!

Forest-Dweller said...


m.e (Cathie) said...

oh wow, they look fabulous! seriously, those little tiny flowers are absolutely beautiful.
I can see you have a passion for it. that first pic is beautiful.

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