3 biggest money wasters

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People often ask me about our finances as we have a mortgage, 4 children and one main income. If someone is telling me they don't have enough money I start with a checklist similar to this one.

1. Do you have a credit card/s?
If you really want to save money - get rid of it! If you have credit card debt make it your no. 1 financial priority to pay it off (and cut the card up immediately!)

2. Do you have pay T.V?
Not only a waste of time, a waste of money. With the money and time you would save by not having it you can invest in other things, the main one being yourself.

3. Do you smoke?
Not much to be said here. Do whatever you can to quit. Tobacco is an ongoing expense in every way - you become addicted to it, so repeat buying, your health will suffer whether you admit it or not and end up costing you not only money but quality of life. (For those who think I'm simplifying the problem - I'm an ex - smoker of 6 years. Quitting is one of the very best things I've ever done!)

If you change even one of these money wasters you will notice a big difference in your budget.
Happy saving!


m.e (Cathie) said...

well said! I agree with all your points .
As for smoking, I absolutely cannot stand seeing it, being around it and no apologies for being brutally honest here, but it does kill and losing a dad to it makes me absolutely hate it.

well done on quitting, be proud.
i know it's not easy to say to people to quit, but really, it's just no good!

i am in tears writing that....

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Yep ... smoking given up when I was pregnant with the first.

Credit card .. with a $500 limit I refuse to up

Pay Tv eliminated when we moved to SA and had better free TV options. IN the NT we only had ABC and Imparja.

I'd add 4 ..alcohol. We don't drink and really can't afford to.

Making ends meet now on one income and 7 kids is VERY hard. And there are times when I really have had enough of watching the pennies.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

we lived without pay tv for 6 years and then last summer i said ok lets get it. bad decision really as it allows me to fall into the "go watch some tv" trap. Before I used to put on a DVD which was good because I knew the content and I knew how long it would be, now they can get lost in TV land if I get lost in mummy land. I need to work that one, thanks for the reminder.

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