We survived - we even thrived a little!

The first day back homeschooling was the stuff of nightmares as I dealt with children who had forgotten how to be good students! Thankfully, it got progressively better as the week continued and now we're well and truly back into a good routine.

I even got a little time to sew and dye.

Little Miss 3.5 has been asking for one of my twirly circle skirts for some time. I received the cotton lawn I'd been waiting on and once she saw the roll there were no more excuses!

In her favourite colours - purple and pink. I think she likes it!

This one is an elasticated A - line that I dyed in a spiral.
It's destined for my Etsy shop.

I love the summery colours!

It's so rewarding to be able to make clothes from scratch.


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

I wish I could meet you in person you sound like such a patient mum. Love the colours, so bright and cheery and the girls look pretty happy ;-)d

Gill - That British Woman said...

those are really lovely, well done.......

Gill in Canada

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