"Second Chance" book review

"Second Chance" by Sandra J Gerencher is a story based on the author's own family and involves the adoption of a new dog - "Chance". The tale is told through the eyes and perceptions of the Chance, who had been living in a shelter.

Chance has many adjustments to make to his new life. There are other dogs in the house and he also notices that there is something different about his owner, Ryan. As Chance learns more about his new family he finds that he and Ryan have a great deal in common.

"Second Chance" offers readers an interesting insight into both adoption and autism. The themes that really stand out in the book are love and hope.

Sandra Gerencher has extensive experience in special education and has also adopted a son who has autism and other special needs. Sandra has a personal mission to save dogs from high kill animal shelters through adoption. You can read more about Sandra here or at Tribute Books.

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Tribute Books said...

As always, Kelly - thank you for the lovely review. You have such a knack for drawing out the important points of a book to share with the readers of The Handmaden.

We appreciate your support of SECOND CHANCE and for being a stop on the book's blog tour.

Best wishes,
Tribute Books

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