New goodies in the shop

Hand dyed rosette brooch

I've been very busy this morning with these new listings for my Etsy shop. I sort of wish I could skip the whole listing part and just get on with the creating part!

Hand dyed circle skirt to fit 3 year old

Remember the bright shibori dyed fabric? Now it's a skirt.

Hand dyed reversible cotton scarf

           This is pretty cool - a reversible scarf. One side is bright.

Hand dyed reversible cotton scarf

                        The other is dark.

                        Do you like?


CraftyMummy said...

Nice! I love the flowers - so bright!

Andria said...

I love that skirt! Beautiful fabric.

Melissa Plank said...

What a cute, twirly skirt, gotta love all the bright colors!

anna said...

so bright and beautiful!

milkymumma said...

The skirt turned out wonderfully - such a great use of the coloured fabric.

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