Another homeschooling year begins...

Don't be surprised if I'm not around much - we start back tomorrow.
Mixed feelings here, I think I've enjoyed the break too much, plus I haven't achieved everything I wanted to over the break. I'm also faced with teaching a 10 year old, a 5 year old who has started reading, a 3 year old who wants to learn everything her siblings are learning and an 18 month old who gets into everything all the time!!
At least I'm pretty organised:

Books - check
Timetable written - check
Enthusiastic and motivated teacher and learners - umm.. we'll get there I think!

All the best to those who are homeschooling this year, especially newbies - if you need help or advice give us a shout.


willow and moo said...

I'm sure you'll be into a rhythm with homeschooling soon.

It is even similar for those of us not homeschooling. We are completely out of our family rhythm, but it's been nice!

Nell said...

You are amazing! I so do not have the patience to homeschool - counting down sleeps here until the 6 year old goes back to school and the 4 year old goes back to 2 days of kindy :)

Linda said...

Enjoy:) We are starting back too, grade 8 for Jen, 6 for Erin and 4 for Cady.

Tanya said...

I would be interested in seeing how you do your timetable, not homeschooling, but did consider it and think about it now and then. Did you always think you would home school?

Mum2eight said...

I hope your year goes well Kelly. I am getting everything organised this week. I got a lot done today for it.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I may home school our almost 5 year old when we move to Hong Kong later in the year, but I am scared I wont have the patience for it, and then what to do with the (now) 16 month old.
Any hints or tips or other websites or posts of yours would be appreciated :)
Nice to meet you. Cat

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