Mandala dress

I finished this dress/ long top for my 3 year old today, it was quite a process, but well worth it! First came the dyeing then the sewing, as I wanted separately coloured pieces. I used habotai silk and made up the design as I went along.

The back view is a beautiful turquoise. I love turquoise. The dress sits gorgeously on her and is light and flowing.

I'll be making these in various sizes for my Etsy shop once I do a little more tweaking. I think they would do well at a market too, which I hope to do eventually. If anyone is interested in pre ordering for Christmas you are most welcome to contact me.


Anne said...


I love the colours

Nic Wood said...

THis is gorgeous !

Nic xxx

Nell said...

WOW! You really have been busy! Going postal with your parcel today (so not happy with the 3rd skein but see what you think?) What a super sweet model you have!
Keep smiling,
p.s. bet the silk feels great to wear - destined to be a summer favourite?

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