I love breastfeeding, but...

I guess it's part and parcel of breastfeeding that you receive the odd nip here and there, I've certainly received a few over the years.
This morning's "nip" however, was perpetrated by a 14 month old with plenty of teeth who didn't let go until she realised I was screeching because of her! I have the wound to prove it too! Trust me when I say the offended area was throbbing and burning for quite some time.
In her defence, I think she thought she was biting my nightie which I was trying to wrangle out of the way in the wee pre dawn hours. My husband's instant response was that I will now give up breastfeeding altogether - it not being worth the trouble.
But... but... I don't want to! I'm not ready! Each of my babes have been the ones to give up, not me.
It's such a special thing to be able to nourish a child in this way and to have close bonding time (not that chomping does much for the bonding!) Perhaps it's because I know she may be our last baby because of my medical problems, that I'm more determined to hang in there.
Whatever the case, I have big apprehensions about the impending bedtime feed tonight.
We shall see.....

In much brighter news it's a glorious sunny day today so I baked some fruit loaves. The girls had their hair washed and put on some pretty summery dresses.

We smothered the bread with jam and pure cream. Marvellous. We ate both loaves!

Our garden picnic. Happy times and treasured memories.

Happy weekend!


zofia said...

Happy Weekend to you too!
Isn't the weather fabulous! I put out a rug in the sun also.
Good luck with tonight's feed, I was lucky, no real biters here and late to get their teeth.

Vic said...

Ouch!! I was lucky too & made it to 17 months without any major biting incidents & then Punk self-weaned. Good luck tonight!

Tracy said...

What a beautiful special moment. It's great to blog them I think. Good luck with the next feed.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Ouch! Best of luck for tonight, I hope it was a one off ;-) It would be a shame to stop if you are both not ready.

Mum2eight said...

ugh. I hope tonight's feed went better.

Queen of the Butterfly Ball said...

I hope everything goes well on your breastfeeding journey tonight! I know the angst of having to ween a wee one before they are really ready... so much nicer when it is child led. Good Luck:-)

Nell said...

Ouch! I am hearing you - although my third has been torture to feed from the get go (curls her tongue and sucks so hard she bruises!) And the chompers you noticed in my last post have been put to good use too! When Hannah bit me a friend recommended that I lightly (just enough to hurt) flick her cheek with my finger until she let go. Only had to do it once :)
I can totally understand where you are coming from. This is our last too so part of me wants to continue as long as possible, the other part of me just wants it over!

Bending Birches said...

my babe is 14 mo.....and he bites. I mean, this is happening daily...sometime multiple times. I have tried drawing him in, saying 'ouch', leaving the room (which usually works)...I cant imagine myself weaning him, although I know that most would...after youve been bit once, it's not like it hurts any less the next time.
I will continue to nurse until he is ready to stop....I guess I will 'take the pain'....breastfeeding is such an effective parenting tool, and I dont want to do without it!!

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