Embroidery progress

If I'd known how long these projects would take to complete would I have started them in the first place?
Probably. Yes. Absolutely!

My crewel piece has come a long way since here. In fact, I'm not too far off finishing, hooray!

I've made a lot of progress with the ribbon work since here too.

Unfortunately most other things get priority over embroidery so my monthly stitching group is wonderful   . 
Have a marvellous Saturday that hopefully involves some stitching.


Gill - That British Woman said...

that is gorgeous, you have a lot of patience to do that......

Gill in Canada

Quilary said...

They are both beautiful pieces of embroidery. I second the patience aspect! Having a group to regularly go to must help so much with getting projects like this done.

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I have always wanted to learn how to do ribbon embroidery .. it looks so wonderful.

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