Umm..gee...thanks a lot!

I took the boy to the show yesterday, we had a great time getting there early and avoiding the full on crowds. I was pleased to see the show has improved and cleaned up considerably from the last time I went about 7 years ago.
Anyway, we went to the art and craft pavilion to see our exhibits on display (did I mention my boy won 2nd place with his choc chip biscuits?) I was also keen to see my doll on display in the toymaking section. Now, get this. My doll had been plopped down in a seated position (nothing wrong with that) but her face was completely covered with her hair! I checked the other toys - none had received the same treatment.
Am I just being precious, or is that truly annoying?!


Nell said...

You're not being precious - that is SOOOOO annoying given all the time and energy you put into her (and disappointing for all of the crafty showgoers who would have wanted to see her too!)
Have made a start on some spinning!

Tas said...

That is pretty darn disrespectful for the entrant who has taken the care and time to make an entry. I'd be jumping up and down too. :(

Yarn Miracle said...

My vote is for TRULY ANNOYING.

cherri said...

That's crap - maybe you could complain?

Good on you son - that's awesome!

zofia said...

Nooo! I can't believe it.
Is there anyone you can have a word to?
I would be spitting chips.
Boo to them!
Big congrats to your boy though!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Congratulations on the cookies!! Bit rough on the doll, hmmmmm, love Posie

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