Lotsa leggings!

I've made many pairs of leggings for my girls this winter and I think they would be quite happy to live in them permanently. They look great on their own, with a skirt or with a dress. And they keep those little legs toasty warm.

Did I mention that leggings are super easy to make? I've used the same Burda pattern over and over.

I bought this beautiful spotty soft cord from Craft Mamas to make pants for G (that's a little pocket on the leg there, it's hard to see). I was a little disappointed when she proclaimed that they are "horrible!"
Apparently this is because they're not leggings! 
Ah well, lucky she has two little sisters who can grow into them.


Tas said...

I'm also stocking up on leggings for Mae at the moment. Never fails to amaze me how darn quick they are to whip up.

cherri said...

VERY CUTE - leggins are nice and fast.

I love that cord btw - gorgeous colours!

softearthart said...

Oh so sweet, cheers Marie

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