Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another embroidery?!!!

I can't seem to help myself, I'm now working on 5 separate embroideries and all I want to do is sit with my hoop and needle. This is my first attempt at ribbon embroidery and I think it is a gorgeous craft, so fine and dainty. I picked this Helen Dafter kit up from the Craft Fair. I'm only part way through but it's already so pretty! For my next project I want to try dyeing my own silk ribbon.

In other news, we awoke after a particularly blustery evening to find out Hills Hoist had snapped and collapsed. I wasn't too impressed when I realised how much new clotheslines cost (who would have thought some pieces of metal and plastic made and assembled in China would be so expensive?) but clever and thrifty husband has rigged up a temporary solution (kids, you don't mind those lines tied to your trampoline do you?)

Little A has taken her first unassisted steps and is quickly mastering the step - step - step - stumble - fall - giggle. I love this age - so much is new and wonderful.


Linda said...

What lovely embroidery!

zofia said...

oh, it looks beautiful kelly! Is the silk painted first?
Wow, I can't believe A is up to walking! Time flies. :)

Prettydreamer said...

Very sweet ...can't wait to see more! ~Pamela

softearthart said...

Oh it is so delightful, love the colors, cheers Marie

The Handmaden said...

Yes Zofia, the background is handpainted, it really adds to the overall effect I think.

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

clare's craftroom said...

That embroidery is just beautiful ! My clothesline was attatched to the back fence , just until we get a new one , 14 years ago , lol ! Still waiting .

CIEL said...

Awesome embroidery!