Monday, August 16, 2010

Daughter's first dyed silk

We used the Liquid Radiance colours again to dye this habutai silk scarf but a different technique this time. I wanted to make G's first dyeing experience easy and not too messy!

We dampened the silk and randomly scrunched. We stuffed it into a jar and squirted in turquoise, pink and yellow. We left this in the jar for 2 days, agitating here and there. Then we hung it on the line (unfortunately it rained so some of the colour ran a little) and heat set once dry.

She is quite happy with it and hasn't put it down yet!


cherri said...

Gorgeous green! She looks very happy with it...

softearthart said...

Wonderful for her to do it herself, cheers Marie

Linda said...

How wonderful!