Colour me happy!

I've been playing with my new colours from Genesis Creations (their customer service is excellent) and I must say they're pretty cool. The Liquid Radiance colours perform like a dye but are not a dye and are completely non toxic. You don't need all the chemicals as fixatives either, they're heat fixed. I used some habutai silk scraps to experiment and the results are pretty impressive. The above piece was achieved with the assistance of epsom salts.

This one was streaked with 4 different colours, then scrunched to allow some bleeding.

                And this one is 3 colours applied in spirals then sprinkled with raw sugar.
                     I have lots of other techniques to try, these colours are a lot of fun!

Happy weekend to you all :)


softearthart said...

What fun, I have never tried dying thou my sister has, cheers Marie

willow and moo said...

Totally gorgeous Kel, but I'd expect no less from you. YOu have an excellent eye for colour. :)

Amber said...

How cool!!! I am curious...may I ask which paint pack did you order to achieve these beautiful colour combos?

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