Gulp.... I'm scared!

OK, I've come this far, and I'll readily admit it's been a challenge. "But you're a doll maker!" I hear you say. "Making bears should be easy for you - right?!"


You may notice that my otherwise assembled bear remains earless and faceless. There is a reason for that. Today I started to tentatively snip some hairy bits from around the muzzle, as you do, but was suddenly paralyzed (scissors in mid air) with fear that I was going to stuff it up. Badly. I don't like to stuff up badly, especially when I've invested considerable time and money in the first place.

So maybe I need to get over myself a little, but in the meantime the bear will sit and look (well not actually look - she doesn't have eyes) but just sit there until I get some courage to finish her off.

P.S. Any tips or recommendations will be heartily welcomed!


Linda said...

I can't offer any advice, but I know you can do it!:)

Gill - That British Woman said...

I know someone who makes bears I'll send her over to see if she can offer any words of wisdom, as I can't sorry!!

Oh yes I brave!!

Gill in Canada

(Wrote about a solution today for those church ladies!)

Quilary said...

Though I've never attempted a 'furry' bear, I can sympathise. Many times I've had scissors poised and walked away from some project, trying to drum up the courage to make that unforgiving 'cut'. I think that's why I've only ever made a fabric bear or 2. Good luck - I have my fingers crossed for you.

zofia said...

Dive in Kel! It will be your first bear and deservedly loved! He looks very cute by the way. :)

Kylie said...

He looks great - you will enjoy doing the face -they really come alive - do his ears first and then his nose - I snipped when I knew where how big I was going to mak his nose. I have made a few - not sure if they ever made it onto blogland - they were pre blogging days.

(and you will not believe this but my word verification is nosers LOL)

The Handmaden said...

Thanks everyone, lots of good advice there, I had a good chuckle over Kylie's "nosers"!

Bearly Sane said...

Here's a link that might help you with the nose ~

Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

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