Yoghurt cheese or spread

As promised, this is how to make yoghurt cheese or spread from your home made yoghurt (see last post).

You need a piece of muslin (I think it's known as cheesecloth elsewhere), a rubber band, and a bowl or roundish container.

Place the muslin in a double layer over the bowl and secure around the rim with a rubber band. Spoon in the yoghurt. Place on a plate (the muslin takes up a lot of liquid). Stick it in the fridge. The length of time you leave it for is up to you. If you want it spread consistency a few hours will do it. If you want it thicker you can leave it overnight.
When it's really thick you can roll it into balls, coat with herbs, paprika and the like and keep in good olive oil in the fridge.
You can use it to spread on bread (home made of course!!) then drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.
You can use it in place of sour cream, make a dip - the uses are only limited by your imagination.

That's even easier than making the yoghurt, right?

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zofia said...

Thanks Kel, I want to try this too.

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