Weight loss

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I don't usually talk about weight loss here because I think people in general are fairly image obsessed and I don't want to add fuel to the fire. On the other hand, one of the purposes of having this blog is to help and inspire others so.....

I've been working on losing my post baby weight for about 3 months (I was overweight before the pregnancy too). My main goals in the beginning were to feel healthier, have more energy, fit back into old clothes, be fit and to wobble less when I walk - I kid you not!!

So far I've lost 8kg. I walk on a regular basis and am increasing the intensity. I have a lot more energy. Lastnight when I went out for my walk, to my surprise I almost lost my skirt a couple of times it's gotten so big on me!

I'm not one of these people who obsesses and measures everything they eat, how many calories they burn etc. I just think of myself as careful and I believe it's essential to incorporate exercise. So here are my main tips:

* I eat my evening meal fairly early. I allow myself to have dessert if I feel like it (most of the time now I don't because I'm satisfied). Then I don't eat anything for the rest of the evening. Nope, nothing! And by doing this I've realised that when I was eating in the evenings it was only out of habit, not hunger.

* I have gradually cut down the sizes of my meals. My meal sizes were way too big before, and as you lose weight you find you will naturally make your meals smaller because you just don't need so much!

* I don't deny myself anything but everything is in moderation. So I will eat one tim tam and leave it at that, considering it a "treat", not a regular food.

* I believe that weight loss and living healthily is about living more naturally. I can't stand it when I see posters for "meal replacement shakes" everywhere, and I think these companies trick people and play on their emotions. It is not natural to try to fill your stomach without eating properly and eventually your body will need more, leading you into failure. I eat butter, I drink whole cream milk, I eat meat, I eat bread, none of these are bad and are closer to the natural product.

*Be patient! My weight loss has been slow, but every little bit adds up and I feel very positive.

I've been following along with Gilly through her weight loss. If you have a lot to lose, a blog can be a very useful tool for keeping you accountable.


Gill - That British Woman said...

well done congratulations.....

Gill in Canada

willow and moo said...

WTG Kel! :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Good luck, i lost all my weight after each baby & the 4th & was high school size again. Then i hit 30 & carbs no longer became my friend (breastfeeding was brilliant, but when i stopped at 2 years, well, weight snuck on!!)
I do homework from the treadmill, an hour every night after dinner & it also serves as good one on one time with each child & i really earn my evening shower!! Love Posie

Amy Fisher said...

Some great tips, thanks!

I am just the opposite of most...I tend to hold the weight during nursing (I have NO idea why), but then when I stop nursing it all falls off naturally...the problem is that I nurse for 2-3 years each baby, so it is difficult during these years for me to be heavier than the weight I feel my best at...writing poetry is actually what I do to help me during this "waiting to be thin again" nursing phase...thus my blog called "fat poetry" :)

Linda said...

Well done for loosing 8kg, that is amazing! Your dolls on Etsy are lovely:)

Antique Rose Designs said...

That doll is so cute I wish I had someone to give it to. Congratulations on the weight loss. I didn't do well on my last weigh in but that's ok I'm back on track again. I'll be losing it with you. Take care Carol

Gilly said...

WTG thats a wonderful amount of weight lost and heres to another 8+ kilos!

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