Grissini and choc chip rolls

Both of these recipes are from "The Easy Way to Artisan Breads & Pastries" (how could you go past that title?)
Making grissini was a new adventure for me but one I'll definitely repeat. The dough was straightforward and easy and the end product very nice. I used fresh rosemary from the garden. The only thing I'd change with the recipe is to reduce the salt. They will also go soft so they're best eaten straight away.

I had the idea of treating the children will these, but was a little let down by their response. Only 1 child liked them, I'm not sure why, but they were pretty dry. I feel like I still have to get to know my oven and it's temperatures, I seem to slightly overbake things sometimes and they end up dry.

There are plenty of other recipes I want to try in this book, so I'll be giving them a go over the next few days.

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