Cake and rain, a good combination!

It has been raining for hours here, it's beautiful. The tomato and corn plants are very happy!

Now for the Christmas cake saga. I didn't read the recipe properly, so ended up with 2 cake mixes, not one as intended. No big deal, I just separated the mixtures into 2 lots. The first lot I discovered I had used too much self raising flour (sometimes I do wonder whether my brain is fully functional!) The cake turned out light, a little crumbly, but perfectly acceptable for morning tea munching.

The second cake presented with more of a hitch in the form of a malfunctioning oven. My 2 year old Westinghouse decided to go out continuously during the baking process, I had to keep lighting it to try and maintain the temperature. After about 5 hours of this, the cake was done! This is the cake you see above, so despite the oven it seems to have turned out better than the first one. Now I'm waiting for a technician to come so that I can fling money at him and get the oven fixed.

That makes this years tally - one dead washing machine, one dead hot water system and a broken oven.

Next adventure - Christmas Pudding (at least I don't need the oven for that!)


Nic Wood said...

we are enjoying the rain here too - how nice going into summer with full rainwater tanks!
Your cake looks yummy, and hopefully the oven will be the last thing that needs fixing for a while!

Nic xxx

Vic said...

Oh yum!

It's great to have some rain, though at first glace I thought you were saying you made a tomato & corn cake! ;)

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for mentioning the bad language........I posted a warning for others.....however its such a good song isn't it?

Gill in Canada

carmel said...

rain and cake is a very good combination- which reminds me why i am on a diet, or trying to be on one... :-)

Gill - That British Woman said...

we normally have a trifle or cheesecake, something like that for dessert for Christmas Day. I made a raspberry pear tart last year which was really good. I haven't made up my mind yet what's on the menu this year.

Gill in Canada

Nikki Cardigan said...

The cake looks delicious and bonus point to you for persistence.... 5 hours! Wow-wee.

Let's hope that old wives tale "rule of 3" is true for you and there is no more added to the broken appliance tally this year!

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