WIP frenzy!

An art journal cover that I'm practicing hand quilting on (and I really need the practice!)

Peg dolls that are painted but as yet unclothed, I'm trying to figure the best way to dress them without interfering with the attached arms. Hopefully I'll have a tute up for these soon too :)

A pair of shorts for one of the girls from recycled clothing.

And, last but not least, a sewing table that is an absoloute disaster zone!!
That's what you get for working on too many projects at once!


zofia said...

Good for you Kelly!
Those peg legs look very sweet.

Karen said...

Can't wait for the peg doll tute - I think they would be a big hit inmy house.
Love the notebook cover too, I think these are great gifts.

Corrie said...

don't talk to me about sewing tables. I 'm trialling a new system of packing and cleaning up before I switch off the lights and close the door to prevent it becoming a disaster zone (as it always does!)

must look at your peg tutorial as we picked up a pack for a couple of dollars at our cheap craft store at the mall!

cute blog, I actually found you through the catholic mum bloggers link which I'm about to join!


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