"Porridge is knowledge!"

A woman I used to care for in a nursing home would often say "porridge is knowledge!" (RIP Ludmilla - lovely lady). I myself am so enthused about porridge that I'm posting about it today. I think of it as a sort of all round superfood. It is very cheap, very healthy, and very filling. Not to mention it tastes good. If you're also a porridge enthusiast here is a brief historical account and some Scottish recipes here.
Just don't you dare make it salty like my mother in law used to! YUK!

We are so blessed to have had a lot of rain at this time and the garden really has some marvels to show for it. I don't know that it has ever looked as lush.

The rather unattractive colourbond back fence is now completely dominated with flowering jasmine and dolocus.

And, most exciting, there are more than 3 apricots on the tree this year! Now the challenge is to convince the birds that we actually love them more than they do.


Amber said...

Oh great to see another porridge enthusiast! I cook porridge of some description for me & my family probably about 5 times a week. Always looking for new porridge combos!

Lady Ophelia said...

I have tagged you!!

Antique Rose Designs said...

Sorry I can't agree with you don't like the stuff so you can have my serve. Your garden looks great and hopefully you can eat those apricots before the birds get to them. Take care Carol

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