These gifts are all finished and ready to send tomorrow. A cute tote and a tea towel.

Some beaded jewellery and assorted hair clips. I love giving hand made gifts.

Husband has made a solitary journey to Mass this morning as 3 of the 4 children are sick, the baby is not one of them, thank God. There are a lot of sick people around at the moment, mid winter in a cool region.

We had the little one's baptism yesterday. It was a simple affair (just how we like it!) with only a few people and a very old and wonderful priest.

Have a lovely and relaxing Sunday.


DELiciousDesignz said...

They all look like lovely gifts - handmade rocks...

fallen~from~grace said...

I was the lucky recipient of all the handmade goodies :) Thank-you so much so, it is all so lovely and well crafted. Master 6mths loves the yellow bunny softie so very much, my girls have adopted the hairclips, my 2 yr old son carries the bag everywhere with him and I proudly wear the gorgeous earrings and bracelet.

It warmed my heart to receive such a lovely gift.
thanks again,

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