Farbenmix Antonia top

I finally finished this top today along with a big PHEW! I've wanted to make one of these for ages but found the neckline was way too big, so had to unpick the whole thing and re - assess. Once I did the neckline the way I normally do it turned out fine. Its the Antonia pattern from Farbenmix, the German instructions really threw me for a start but the construction is actually simple once you get going.

I'll admit I had a bit of advice from the lovely CraftyMamas ladies, if you ever need a bit of help head over there, they're very knowledgeable! I got my pattern and fabrics from the Crafty Mamas shop where there is always something cool to buy.

I'm off to make one for daughter no. 2 now!

1 comment:

zofia said...

Beautiful job Kelly!
Your girl looks so happy in her mama-made outfit:)

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