I thought I'd just pop in to say a big thanks to all of who have left your kind comments, well wishes and lovely emails over the past few weeks, its been really heart warming.
I hope you can bear with me through this "settling in" period and keep visiting even though there isn't so much to see right now.
I'm sorely afflicted with the crafter's/ artist's (is "craftist" a word?!) bane - my brain is constantly swamped with inspirations but there is no time to bring them to fruition. The ideas haven't stopped, even if the hands can't keep up. And I'm about to embark on a graphic design course.
Multi tasking has taken on a new meaning!

God bless you all, have a great day.

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Desi said...

Thanks for visiting me!! Nice to e-meet you too! I have the same problem with ideas and I have decided I need to keep better track so I must make a IDEA Journal a requirement lol of course though I have all these ideas on how to make it beautiful and me so once again an idea! :) Good luck on your graphic course!!! Let me know if you get good or want practice I have ideas lol and I get pretty mad when I play with adobe and photoshop never does what I want.

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