Kid's clothes

Since I began my sewing journey I've always been very nervous about sewing clothes. I did a couple of terms of sewing classes with a professional dressmaker initially, and although I did learn a lot I also found her teaching methods somewhat intimidating - not a great learning environment.
I just finished this top and am so happy with how nice it looks, it has really boosted my confidence.

I used Stella fabric in red from the Crafty Mamas shop (I've tried other knits, this is the best to sew with so far) and bought the little cherry iron on applique. It matches the Kaufman cord pants beautifully (also from the CM shop).
My daughter thinks the outfit is great, especially since its another dress she doesn't have to wear! (Yep, dress hater!)


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Antique Rose Designs said...

You did a very good job looks so cute. Take care Carol

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