The best of both worlds

I love sewing soft furnishings, I love sewing dolls - so I combined the two! The doll is 6 inches tall and is designed to slip into the pocket (a place to rest at night and a place to not get lost!)
I had fun making this, its in the Etsy shop now.
Must remind you about the giveaway, there aren't many entries there yet, and it finishes at the end of the month.
Still haven't started those pants for dd yet, at least I've drafted the pattern! I have a tendency to work on the "fun" things before the "necessary things"! I'm quite sure I'm not the only one?


Sara said...

Beautiful! Such a great idea. :)

And yes, fun wins out most of the time here!

Amanda said...

You are just too clever -that pillow and little dolly is just so sweet!

zofia said...

so sweet- wonderful idea!
You are not alone at all ;)

Sandy said...

I love it! Fun things are necessary things you know ;-)

The Handmaden said...

Aw, thanks ladies, your comments give me a real boost!

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