Lovely weekend

We spent the weekend at my husband's parent's farm. The weather couldn't have been more glorious, we spent most of our time outdoors working in the garden, plucking ducks and pottering around.
The children had a marvellous time running and riding their bikes in the wide open space.
Gee I miss looking out the window and seeing open fields and being surrounded by the huge skies. Even during a long drought there is so much beauty in the country. My urges to get out of the suburbs grows daily....

These quilts were made by my husband's great aunt many a moon ago. They were all folded in one of the bedrooms at the farm, I simply had to spread them out on the beds. This style of quilt is not my cup of tea but as a crafter I have a great appreciation of the work that went into them and the fabrics of a bygone era.

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